Daniel John Hanneman has the unique ability to tap into the essence of any issue you may be facing and then draw on the most powerful force for transformation in the unseen world to bring resolution to the problem or fulfillment to the desire. He is a gifted healer and teacher.
Chris Attwood

NY Times Bestselling author of "The Passion Test" and "Your Hidden Riches"

Founder and President

Beyul Club and Resorts

Chris Attwood

Beyul Club and Resorts

A few months ago I took a “leap of faith” and signed up for the Level 1 Energy Scan training course, that my coach-Maura Smith recommended.

I had left the corporate world, which I had worked in for over 20 years and I was in the midst of setting up my own coaching and consulting business. I was experiencing a number of relationship issues, self-doubt, lack of clarity and my life seemed to be one big struggle after another. I was NOT showing up for myself.

I’m pleased to say I completed level – 1 and I’m now enrolled in Level 2. What I’m most excited about is how I feel. Completing Level 1 has given me a new lease on life. I feel worthy in all areas of my life, I have reestablished old relationships and I’m developing new ones from a healthier place. I have created EASE in my life, I have clarity and a healthier outlook. The biggest change is that I am putting me first and it feels so good to nurture me so that I am better able to nurture and support others.

My coaching business is growing! I now know I’m highly intuitive and doing the energy scans brings a sense of peace to me and enables me to bring deeper awareness to my coaching clients.

When I started I had ZERO business as a healer/coach. During the level one program, I sold several packages of my services for the first time. Last month by using all I am being taught, I just sold 8+ packages that manifested $15,000 in a SINGLE MONTH!!!

Dan, I am so grateful to you – doing your program has been one of the most positive life changing events of my life.

Donna Hall

Energy Scan Training Blessed My Healing Business and Life

After experiencing thriving and struggling moments during 25 years of my energy healing business, I was tired trying to make it month to month. As a single mom, I wanted to see my business thriving for myself and my family.

I didn't have the money nor did I have the opportunity to pass up Dan's suggestion of taking the Energy Scan Training. Yet, I knew I was bigger than my struggling circumstances.

It was a no-brainer to do the Energy Scan Training. After the weekend, I had calls out of the blue with a lot of interest from people wanting to work with me. It opened up a flood of people. In the first month, I increased my finances, tripled my clients, and had many more people coming to me for help.

After signing up for the certification program, it was a blessing to me month to month. I gained confidence to act boldly and help people. In turn, people signed up ready to work with me.

Tammy Hiatt Monaco


Tarek Bibi Goes From Welfare To Averaging $10,000 A Month Using Energy Scans

your program took me from being on welfare to averaging 10,000 per months in 10 months

also after a year and half i was able to take things further by earning double by working half the time

thank you

Facilitator of Divine Transformation

Tarek Bibi


Jill Borsos' Transformation From Corporate World To Entrepreneur Making Six Figures Using Energy Scans

Jill Borsos, Transformation Coach, Intuitive & Cross-Dimensional Healer


"My biggest challenge was asking for the sale from the client. The Energy Scanning technique gave me a bridge to connect to clients. This increased enrollment in my services significantly.

After taking the Energy Scan Training - Online Weekend, I had a system to offer Energy Scans, ask for referrals, offer my servies, and have a way to get paid by credit card. I even felt confident in my ability and raised my session costs to clients.

I have now received 15 clients who bought packages from me. These people willingly paid my higher fees.

The Energy Scan Training - Online Weekend significantly increased my confidence. It gave me what I needed to take action and use prayer work. I am amazed at how powerful the prayer work is and how clients love it.

It's also a bonus that Dan makes the training fun. This was the course that clicked all I needed into place for me to build my healing business."

Douglas Purcell


The magick of working with Dan began on my first consultation call with him - I hadn't even hired him yet and my energy opened up. I had been searching for the right next step to put myself into the world for 6 YEARS. I'd done everything - healings, visioning, coaching, journaling, etc. Nothing worked. I inched along and made little progress in getting a vision I could get behind. In 10 minutes on the phone with Dan all of that changed. I finally knew how to be the me I've always wanted to be and how to make money doing it! The money blocks that I had taken on in the last 10 years melted away and I increased my income by $5000 THE FIRST MONTH! I'm well on track to keeping up that pace and expanding even further. I can't wait to see what Dan has in store for me next. Watch out world, here I come!

Kelle Sparta


When I started my business I was doing a lot of work to get it off the ground, yet the clients were few and far between. To get the momentum going, I joined Dan’s Level 1 Energy Scan Certification course, which provided lots of support. Within two and a half weeks I had offered my healing services to 30 people, and within two and a half months I had 6 clients, one of whom paid in full up for my six month transformational program. I highly recommend this course to any healers who are ‘in hiding’, procrastinating, or struggling and would like a deep level of support and training.

Maura Smith

Maura Smith Coaching

“When 2010 began, I had just completed 12 months in a top-of-the line coaching program. I was convinced that 2010 would just flow along with more and more business and financial success. I felt like I was in the flow of energy for my business, anticipating even more growth.

To my great surprise, I soon felt as though my business was in a slump. The sense of anticipated expansion disappeared, and after 3 or 4 months, I became very concerned about my finances and business plan. I turned to Dan Hanneman for help.

In our very first session together, Dan focused in like a terrier on the hunt. He pinpointed exactly what I needed to do: offer free 15 minute energy scans for people. I had never considered doing this before because my primary product is Animal Communication. However, I have long wanted to work with humans directly – not just through situations with their animals.

Dan’s insight proved to be a bull’s eye. I sent out a newsletter offering free energy scans to whoever wanted one. Little did I know what a HUGE shift this was going to manifest. Within the first 24-48 hours I was inundated with 80+ emails from people requesting free scans. Some were clients who didn’t know that I worked directly with humans. Others were new prospects.

When I began doing the scans, people were so excited about the outcomes that they began referring friends, family, and colleagues to me for free scans. The whole project has delightfully snowballed into a valuable offering for my business, drawing in new people and giving me opportunities to let them get to know me and to become my clients or to take advantage of other services that have always been in the back-seat of my business.

Dan then used his blockbusting talents to clear away limiting beliefs and emotions that came up when I was suddenly faced with such powerful success. He helped me get organized so that I could better manage the sudden burst of contacts. Thanks to Dan, my business and I have both shifted dramatically. I am delighted to be working with Dan because he has helped me and my business soaring to new levels of success.”

Nedda Wittels, Animal Communicator & Healer


Dan is an incredible healer. I went from hardly any clients to having almost everyone I did an energy scan with saying yes to working with me. I blew by my modest financial goal and am excited to take it to the next level with Dan! He's not the kind of trainer who will just tell you what you want to hear - he'll move you through your blocks by naming them and claiming them and then being present while YOU make a deeper choice. I highly recommend Dan - he will help you if you are ready to be helped!

Barret Hedeen


I have always been fascinated about being able to scan someone’s energy body and when Dan offered this training, I jumped at the chance. Before this course I could connect on various levels with my clients, but found that the results could be hit and miss. It just felt like I was missing a few pieces of information. It turned out I was! During the training Dan explained the concepts of energy scanning and went so much deeper into specific techniques to connect to the energy field of another person. I finally had the missing pieces. As a result, I am now able to consistently and confidently do energy scans for my clients. This training has allowed me to up-level my skills as a healer and offer amazingly accurate information to my clients and receive many glowing testimonials from them. Now I am able to offer energy scan sessions as a gateway for clients to work with me in a bigger way.

Laura Warnke


In our very first session together, Dan focused in like a terrier on the hunt. He pinpointed exactly what I needed to do… Dan’s insight proved to be a bull’s eye… The whole project has delightfully snowballed into a valuable offering for my business, drawing in new people and giving me opportunities to let them get to know me and to become my clients or to take advantage of other services that have always been in the back-seat of my business. He helped me get organized so that I could better manage the sudden burst of contacts. Thanks to Dan, my business and I have both shifted dramatically. I am delighted to be working with Dan because he has helped me and my business soaring to new levels of success.

Nedda Wittels, Animal Communicator & Shamballa Master


My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training was my ability to find my purpose in life. I always knew I was different and could feel and see things others couldn't, but didn't know what to do with it, so I buried it. Since taking the Energy Scan Training, I learned I'm not alone, that I am powerful and can use my gift to help anyone I come into contact with.

I feel more confident in what I can do, not only in healing work, but also in my life. The Energy Scan Training transformed my ability to look deeper and see this gift I used to hide away. I have a sense of purpose and ability to help others transform.

When I shared my new-found understanding of myself with my close friends, they told me they always saw it in me and weren't the least bit surprised. I was the one who didn't see what those who care for me did. Now, it's as if a large boulder has been lifted off my shoulders. I feel like I am coming home to who I am.

Lisa Berman

"I am an intuitive consultant and energy healer. I found Dan’s energy scan training to be very helpful. Through the process, I discovered my path to being able to do Energy Scans. It has been a profound personal and professional experience. The energy scan gives clients a “tangible experience” of what it is like to work with me. I have gotten many leads from the energy scans and two new clients for in depth coaching."
LAST UPDATE – Catherine continues to grow and prosper at a higher level while having a CONSISTENT FLOW of new clients.

Catherine Rose Stevens


"My biggest challenge before taking the Energy Scan Training Virtual Weekend was the need for a mentor to recognize my intuitive gifts and teach me how to trust that I could use them. Dan has given me the recognition of my gifts, which gave me strength.

Now I feel more centered and able to say what I sense about others and stand my ground. I am able to read people while talking to them and show them their highest potential. Since I am giving them a new perspective, they value my reflection of what I say to them.

I gained confidence in my abilities and am more in tune with my intuition. I am using this confidence in my business right away by offering a training program to my clients, knowing I have the skills I need to get the results I want."

Miriam Kuhle

Zhineng Amsterdam

The funny thing….when I signed up with Dan I absolutely wasn’t looking for any more coaching. I felt really solid with my plan and was just happy with where I was. Then along came Dan who said to me, “I know there is way more in you than you are even seeing, and I know I can help with that.”

Normally when signing up for a pretty big investment, there is a selling conversation that goes over all the features and benefits and details, etc. But not with Dan! After about six minutes of being on the call and hearing Dan’s passion for what he saw in me, I IMMEDITATLY said yes.

What was even crazier was that the next day I got an unexpected check in the mail for EXACTLY the amount of what I spent with Dan! So I saw that as total confirmation from the Universe that I’d made the right decision.

My time with Dan showed me things that I’d sort of known, but hadn’t allowed myself to fully embrace. Dan is magical at seeing where your gifts, strengths and revenue lie. He powerful guided me in seeing how I could step more fully into an area that I’d been kind of hiding out in.
He is like the pied piper for us ‘in-the-closet’ healers, and showed me how I could really unleash more of my genius.

There are few coaches out there with as much power and conviction as Dan. His affirmative prayers could move mountains! Just being on the other end of that is transformative.

I know the work with Dan continues to have ripples in my business. Much of what we talked about I’m still growing into. But what a blessing to have Dan as my guide!

Therese Skelly

Business Coach and Transformational Teacher

Best Support To Move Forward In Energy Work Through Energy Scans And The Energy Scan Healer Certification For Jane Kelly

Jane Kelly

Helping People With The Energy Scan And Feeling Empowered In The Energy Scan Healer Certification Program For Harry Brewster

Harry Brewster

Thank you for the wonderful session!!! The way you included relevant aspects I haven't even mentioned is absolutely uncanny, and the way you put everything together is perfect. It feels so thorough and comprehensive. I actually laid down and dozed off afterward, and now I feel really good!!

I'm really looking forward to working with you. Your sincerity, compassion, kindness and authenticity are amazing, and I have complete trust in you.

Carla H.

“Dan, you truly are a spiritual rock star with the way you do your coaching. I’ve had so many sessions over the years with many, many different coaches, and I must say that you are head and shoulders above the pack in your ability to create the space to allow for the emergence of clarity.

I tend to be run a bit fast and so finding the time to go deep into my knowing has been a challenge at times. The last session we had blew me away! I came in wanting an idea of how to market my new program, and instead of getting into the solution, you created the most amazing ‘space’ where my own answers could emerge.

Needless to say, I was delighted with what I found. You are such a gem, and I’m grateful to have you assist me in getting my work out there in the world.”


Therese Skelly, Mindset Mentor and Business Catalyst


“Having the opportunity to receive the blessing of Gandhi's words through Dan Hanneman over a year ago was a powerful experience - those words -"to cultivate time to just BE in the Heart"- continue to ring out over time and space and to remind me of what is really important amidst the day to day busy-ness that can "catch" me up and take me out of conscious awareness. Thank you Dan for stepping into your power as a Messenger and for being a pure clear channel for this timeless wisdom.”

Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Speakers Shaman and Energy Mastery Mentor


Recently, I had a wonderful experience with Dan for energy clearing! After our session, I actually felt that a boulder had been removed from a tall mountain and suddenly I was able to climb the mountain with joy and ease! His technique is quite profound in helping one to clear any blocks that are perhaps holding you back from your greatness!

Pam Furlong – Intuitive/Spiritual Coach


I welcomed the opportunity to gain insight into my relationship with money. I recognized there are some blocks present, but didn’t know if coaching would help. Almost immediately following my first consultation with Dan, I found myself experiencing greater clarity with respect to my direction. Plans started to gel. I was surprised to find myself taking decisive action where, in the past, I had waffled. I was surprised and delighted. My second session (HypnoClear Session) was even more insightful. Childhood experiences which had generated fear and anger had resulted in certain beliefs. These beliefs were clearly continuing to block my ability to be as successful as I want. Dan worked with me to release and replace the internal tension around money with new energy which will support me in moving forward. I continue to benefit from this process and would recommend it to anyone who wants to break free of their blocks around money.

Wendie Webber, CH, Mind Design Hypnosis

The HypnoClear Session that you gave me last week was phenomenal. It practically knocked my socks off, and I had to lay down as soon as the session ended. I had a few days of energetic shifting, a couple of interesting dreams, and I still feel the ‘afterglow’ almost a week later. I'm feeling more inspiration behind my actions, and I'm looking forward to the ripple effect in my outer reality (UPDATE: A few weeks later, Marla reported a significant increase in her financial flow). BTW, we did have a mostly black dog when I was growing up, so it was funny that you talked about a black dog in your metaphor.

Marla Bollak, Intuitive Credit Coach

"I had the opportunity of working with Dan Hanneman and truly saw his intuitive greatness. After just a few minutes together, he was able to see something in me that even I had tried to bury. We worked together on clearing that energy and over the next few months I saw more and more incredible things emerge. I know that just one session with Dan impacted the success of my business and I continue to see more abundance, success, and prosperity in my life today."

Andrea Costantine


“I’ve never been one to seek out channels or mediums but connecting with Dan as a guest on his radio show got me curious. My family has a deep connection to Mahatma Gandhi (He named my father) and hearing about Dan’s experiences was intriguing. During the 1 on 1 channeling session with Dan I felt a sense of peace and resonance with what he was sharing. It validated many nudges I had been receiving and helped me make sense of some recent challenges I had been navigating. Dan is a sweet spirit with a huge heart and an authentic passion for being of service to others. His messages are timely and may just open you to emerging possibilities you have not yet tapped into! I have learned that trust and respect are absolutely essential ingredients for anyone acting as an intercessor or channel to higher guidance and Dan, in how he lives his life in service, has earned both from me…not something I say casually.”

Anita Pathik Law, CFCC, CHt., founder of The Power of Our Way Community


I would like you to know how important it was for me doing the Life Purpose Energy Scan and the Life Purpose coaching call! You were able to lighten me up, giving me more clarity about what it is I’m here to contribute with and a renewed sense of “I can do it”. Although I know the answers are all inside of me I felt it was precious to have someone I could trust so easily to bring me some more clarity. I was amazed how your intuitive skills brought up something that resonated so much with me – right on target! 🙂 I want to thank you for your kind, light and compassionate way you do your work as well as the integrity that is so clear. Thank you, Dan! Many blessings - Alexandra

Alexandra Branquinho

I started to work with Dan Hanneman after he did an energy scan with me. It was really accurate and I knew that some of the blocks he identified were standing in the way of me moving forward with my healing practice. My clients were getting great results, but I was not fully owning my gifts and my value. I also wanted to make more money so I could live well and travel easily for training.

Once Dan began to coach me, I was able to release my limiting patterns. First, of course I had to see them and he was gentle and funny but firm. I could not believe the "stuff" that was in my way because I thought I was pretty "together". Underneath though there was a tug-of-war going on. Mostly, it was around self-worth and not feeling I really deserved to get paid for helping people heal.

Fast forward and now I am making more money than ever, my clients are making shifts and are so grateful for allowing them to invest in their transformation. I raised my rates, and still got more clients and am able to serve them at a higher level. I am very grateful to Dan and value his contributions to the world of healers. God has blessed him with a unique gift and way of being in the world. He focuses on helping us make more money, but it is our value and power as healers that we are really stepping into.


Susan O.

Clear Your Own Energy Class

I was drawn to taking Dan’s Hanneman's Clear Your Own Energy Class because I felt I could not keep my own energy levels consistent. I would have great days but often my energy levels would swing out of balance. This caused me to not be as productive as I wanted. After being a part of this class I was able to understand where I needed to make adjustments. Dan taught specific techniques that worked amazingly well to bring my energy in balance. As a result of knowing and understanding these techniques I am now able to clear my own energy consistently. I found that the more I incorporated Dan’s techniques, the less I encountered swings in my energy levels. By continuing to listen to the recordings and practice daily, I am now able to shift my energy patterns whenever I need and feel great every day.

Laura Warnke