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  • Discover more about your true gifts and strengths as a healer
  • Understand your 7-Major Chakra Blocks stopping you from living the life you desire
  • Receive insight into how your blocks may be keeping you hidden as a healer
  • Gain new clarity about what you are meant to be doing in your life now

Simply contact one of our Certified Energy Scan Practitioners by the Academy for Invincible Healers through their contact link below and let them know you were referred from us for a FREE 15 Minute Energy Scan!!!

Lisa Berman

lisabermanLisa is a no-nonsense empathic energy healer whose motto is “Get in. Get out. Get done.” She uses her many years experience to get to the root of the issues and clear them quickly. Her experience runs the gamut from business executives to athletes to moms and healers.

“I am so grateful to have met and had the opportunity to work with Lisa. She truly is a Gift from G-d. I went from feeling down and heavy and no hope to a freer, more joyful and loving person; more aware of who I am and where I want to go in Life. I was able to let go and let G-d in.” – Sincerely, Kris P.

“During my sessions with Lisa I learned a lot about myself. She helped me let go of past issues and opened me up to what the future holds. The clearing was amazing and I can see much better now. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I highly recommend her services. She is one of a kind.” – Randy Poredos, Foundry Supervisor

Click here to contact Lisa or send an email to performancepowercoach (at) gmail.com

Dr. Tanya English

Dr Tanya EnglishWith over 25 years experience in healing and bodywork, Dr. Tanya English helps you discover your passions, reconnect with your true self and work on what’s RIGHT with you to enhance your health, your life and in turn the lives of those around you.

Specializing in healing the cause and not just working on symptoms is WAY more fun and rewarding! My purpose is to show you the power you have for healing already!

We do this by including spiritual self as part of your healing journey.

“I did a 15 min energy scan with Tanya and we followed it up with an incitement chat afterwards. Her presence is warm, inviting and safe and I’d recommend her work easily. Almost immediately following our experience together my husband and I were able to see a whole new perspective on something we’d been discussing. So the shift was distinct and immediate. Enjoy the journey with Tanya.” – Harriet L.

Receive a private 15-Minute Energy Scan Session with Dr. Tanya by clicking here to schedule a session with her!

Dr. English is a Master Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST) and also use Activator Methods Technique, Meridian therapy, Chakra balancing, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to neutralize negative patterns of physiology.

Christie Michelsen

Ready to step up to your purpose?

Waking up spiritually is no picnic. It’s an ordeal.

Our world of ego illusion leaves us fractured at the spiritual level. We lose parts of ourselves, or our energy gets polarized in different directions. We get unbalanced, so it’s impossible to stand in our power or move forward in a steady direction.

Waking up to your purpose can actually create more unbalance at first. All the monsters come out from under the bed. They show up as disease, money trouble, bad relationships, addictions, accidents, business failure, all those things that hold us back in life and in business.

If you want to get past them you’ve got to become a warrior at some level. Not a crazy warrior, but a wise, spiritual martial artist whose goal is harmony, peace, and balance.

That’s where Christie Michelsen can help

With the help of spirit animals and the angelic realm, Christie helps her clients achieve the inner balance, centering—and yes, discipline—it takes to rise above the illusion and start living your purpose.

With a strong background in marketing, Christie is also adept at giving solopreneurs the tools and wisdom they need to get noticed and attract more and higher paying clients.

If you’re tired of struggling to move forward…

…tired of feeling stuck, lost, out of control, or like you’re going in circles…

…or tired of disappointing results from your healing business …

Then maybe it’s time to activate your inner Warrior so you can finally move forward with confidence.

The world needs you. There’s no time to waste. Email Christie at christiemichelsen@gmail.com for your free energy scan today.

Melissa Schooling

Melissa Schooling Certified Energy Scan PractitionerMelissa uses her innate gift of seeing people in their true beauty and higher selves for deeper, internal transformations. She guides people in awakening to who they truly are… She works as an intuitive healer assisting people in collapsing the parts of themselves that are non-serving and representative of their lower selves.

She brings light, love and healing to any darkness, negative beliefs, and old patterns of fear, guilt and shame; so it can be exposed, released and transmuted into empowering thoughts and emotions that enable people to live as their higher selves, while embracing their gifts and full potential.

If you want:

Freedom from imprisoning thoughts that keep you in the low, heavy emotions of fear, guilt or shame?

To know what continues to block you from living a purpose-filled life?

Insight into why you are feeling low energy, lack of inspiration and unwillingness to claim your power and unique gifts?

Then contact Melissa NOW by clicking here to schedule an eye-opening, 15 minute energy scan. It is time to unlock some of your deepest desires and gifts, while identifying some of the obstacles that are holding you back from receiving them…


“I was extremely impressed with how accurate Melissa was in what she saw and shared, and how she delivered the information. It was spot on!! It gave me deeper insight to an area where I knew there was some kind of block. This insight cleared the way for deeper healing to happen. I am very grateful!!! I highly recommend an Energy Scan from Melissa to anyone who would like deeper insight into their Chakra system for any blocks, knowledge or supportive clues that really do assist you in moving forward with your life.”– Sarah V.

Contact Melissa for a FREE 15-Minute Energy Scan

Cathy Smith

Cathy Smith - Energy Scan Healer Practitioner
Intuitive Energy Healer
Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

Cat has the natural ability to intuitively determine the energies that are keeping people in pain, experiencing stress, and playing small in life (not living to their fullest potential). We get these energies typically during our childhood years and keep them as adults. However, what worked for us as children, to get what we wanted, usually doesn’t work for us later in life. Many times, these energies leave us feeling like we’re “broken”, we’re “weird” or “different” from others, or we have emotions we can’t control.

Know that these energies can be cleared. The ties to the past situation that created this energy can be broken. It’s not you. You do have the power to transform this energy to something positive, abundant, healthy, loving, and peaceful. Cat uses techniques during her session to do this transformation work and gives clients information they need to do self-healing at home.

Cat has earned several certifications that provide her the tools and techniques to determine deep-rooted energy affecting you, clear energy blocks, and provide tools to her clients so they can do self-healing. These certification include:

  • Certified Energy Scan Practitioner (Levels 1 and 2)
  • Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach
  • Usui Reiki Master
  • Karuna Reiki Master
  • Touch for Health (Levels 1, 2, and 3)

Focusing on health and wellness, Cat’s clients seem to have some immediate result (usually the next day). Here’s what one of her client’s said about her free 30-minute session:

“I want you to know how helpful the energy scan was to me. My back was very uncomfortable and it usually takes quite a while to get back to normal. The next day, I was feeling so much better. I’m feeling grateful for your help. You’ve given me some things to think about and reconsider, as well as the added bonus of physical healing.” – Pam

Why wait? See what is possible for you to create NOW! To schedule your free 30-minute session, CLICK HERE!

For more information, visit Cat’s website at http://www.energywerks.net or contact her at Cat@EnergyWerks.net.

Maura Smith

maurasmithIntuitive Fulfillment Coaching
Find Clarity. Live Deeply. Experience Fully.

Do you feel undervalued and overwhelmed yet know that there’s more for you in life?
Does it seem you’re just going through the motions and existing rather then really living?
Do you want so much to live deeply, invest your time in meaningful activities and ‘inhale’ life to its fullest?

Maura loves helping people realize what truly inspires them, and redesign their lives so that their experiences are congruent with their vision. She specializes in helping people to create successful coaching, healing and creative businesses that are aligned with their personal sense of fulfillment. As a result, they invest their time in what really matters to them and express themselves through a lifestyle where they feel fulfilled and truly alive.

Here’s an example of how people experience Maura’s intuitive Life Direction sessions:

“Before working with Maura, I felt confused about the direction I was heading in my career. From my very first Life Direction session with her, my confidence got a big upgrade. I finally found the clarity I had been searching for. Now I have new enthusiasm and confidence about the next steps to take in my business. Because of these breakthroughs in my mindset, I embrace my gifts and know how to share them to make more money, make a difference and have more fun. My is…stop floundering. Get your best life launched with Maura.” -Lee Irwin, The Fountain of You Expert.

To schedule your free 15 minute Life Direction Energy Session contact her now: CLICK HERE

Learn more about Maura by visiting her website at:

Ranjini Woodhouse

RanjiniRanjini Woodhouse is a gifted Soul Purpose Coach who has a strong connection to the angels. She is very intuitive has been working with the angels and energy from a very early age. Her Eastern background led her to become a lifelong student of spiritual practices and now she helps spiritual seekers and healers to transform their lives and find inner peace, love, joy and abundance.

Do you feel stuck in your career, relationships and childhood traumas?

Do you have a fear of dark entities or feel that someone is draining your energies?

Do you want to move forward and fulfill your soul purpose?

During the scan Ranjini will intuitively pinpoint the root causes and explain and clear them in a loving, nurturing manner.

If you are ready to clear energy blocks that no longer serve you and experience more love, joy and abundance in your life, email me below for a FREE 15 minute Energy Scan.

Email Ranjini.souljourney@gmail.com and ask for your FREE 15 minute Energy Scan

Here is what Ranjini’s clients have to say about her Free 15 Minute Energy Scan:

“I have had the pleasure to experience both energy scans and clearings by Ranjini. She demonstrates great skill and accuracy with her scans uncovering what is hidden within your energetic system.  Uncovering the moments in the past that are impacting your future shining light on what might be holding you back.

Her energetic clearings are performed in a kind and gentle manner going deep into the issue and quickly bringing relief.

I would highly recommend Ranjini if you are looking to make deep and profound shifts.” – Ulanda Kay-Coleman, Ontario, Canada

Learn more about Ranjini by visiting her website: www.Souljourney.co.uk

Deb Hanneman – Currently not taking referrals

Deb-Head-Shot-2014Deb Hanneman is a gifted Energy Healer and Intuitive who assists Spiritual Seekers, Healers and Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Would you like to clear out the energetic weight that keeps you from having the life you desire?

Are you struggling with your Business/Career? Health? Family/Home? Relationships?

If so, Deb can help through her unique heart-centered approach – Total Transformation Healing!!

She will energetically clear out the root causes of any Emotional, Mental, Physical or Spiritual issues you may be experiencing.

By clearing out the root causes, you are opened up to amazing and powerful healing on all levels of your being!!!

Additionally, you will be clearing the channels so you can greatly increase your intuitive abilities and hear your divinely guided action steps.


If you are ready to release that which no longer serves you and experience a Total Transformation in all areas of your life, then click here to to apply for a FREE 15-minute Energy Scan (currently not taking referrals)

During this scan, Deb will intuitively IDENTIFY YOUR TOP 5 ENERGETIC BLOCKS that keep you struggling to POWERFULLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!!

Here’s what Deb’s clients have to say about her Free 15-minute Energy Scan:
“The actual energy reading that you did, I felt, was done from a higher perspective, and thus the assessment was not only highly intuitive and psychic, but it was done from a very pure and non-judgmental mindset. It was gentle, non-invasive, respectful and loving.”
“Thanks again for the session. Your intuition is uncanny. Very accurate on what was going on with me.”

Click here to apply for your Free 15-minute Energy Scan (currently not taking referrals)