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Finally… The COMPLETE TRUTH About How To Clear Your Energy AND Manisfest Your True Desires Consistently!!!
Clear Your Own Energy and Truly Live An Abundant Life
- Home Study Program!!
With Dan Hanneman “The BlockBuster”

Do you know how to MANIFEST ANYTHING that you TRULY DESIRE CONSISTENTLY in your life?

If not, then I am offering a new program that will help you to be able to step into the MAGIC of making this your ultimate reality!!

I know that most of you likely find that MANIFESTING YOUR TRUE DESIRES to be difficult, challenging, and/or inconsistent. There may be areas of your life that never seem to shift entirely.

My intention is to show you the portal to allow yourself to navigate your own energy and master being in charge of what you choose to experience!!

After many years of exploration, I have discovered a number of FOUNDATIONAL TOOLS, TIPS, and KEYS that YOU CAN USE to CLEAR YOUR OWN ENERGY and MANIFEST A TRULY ABUNDANT LIFE.

I know that there were many layers of energy that needed to be cleared before succeeding in FULLY MANIFESTING.    I used to have a real tough time with navigating the 3-D and fully embracing it.  I had to make a lot of decisions and integrate the energies needed to truly succeed in MANIFESTATION MASTERY.

Would you like to FINALLY CLEAR YOUR ENERGY FIELD and ALIGN with MAGIC MANIFESTATION in all areas of your life?


If the answer is “YES”, then I know that you will ABSOLUTELY LOVE and POWERFULLY BENEFIT from my new Clear Your Own Energy and Truly Live An Abundant Life Program!!!

Maybe you already have used many techniques BUT find that beyond feeling better temporarily that your life has not changed in a BIG WAY?

Does the feeling of enjoying powerful clearings and results seems to be fleeting without a becoming a lasting change in your life? Are you TAKING THE TIME ON A DAILY BASIS to CLEAR YOUR OWN ENERGY? To be in INTEGRITY in the work that you are doing, you have to practice what you preach in doing your own clearing work and that it is MAXIMALLY EFFECTIVE for you.


I was drawn to taking Dan’s Hanneman's Clear Your Own Energy Class because I felt I could not keep my own energy levels consistent. I would have great days but often my energy levels would swing out of balance. This caused me to not be as productive as I wanted. After being a part of this class I was able to understand where I needed to make adjustments. Dan taught specific techniques that worked amazingly well to bring my energy in balance. As a result of knowing and understanding these techniques I am now able to clear my own energy consistently. I found that the more I incorporated Dan’s techniques, the less I encountered swings in my energy levels. By continuing to listen to the recordings and practice daily, I am now able to shift my energy patterns whenever I need and feel great every day.

Laura Warnke with

No matter what the challenges have been you know that there is something MISSING IN YOUR APPROACH AND/OR TOOLBOX and that with the RIGHT GUIDANCE that everything could change for YOU.

I have been consciously clearing my issues and working on myself for nearly 27 years.  Due to my deeply contemplative and observant nature, I have DISCOVERED TRUE KEYS to MANIFESTING MIRACLES CONSISTENTLY IN MY LIFE.

There have been so many different things that have come to pass through the use of what I have discovered.  I have seen HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIP, and BUSINESS MIRACLES HAPPEN.  My ability to joyfully and financially thrive as a healer is deeply rooted in my application of everything that I am sharing in this program (including my CHANNELED PRAYER WORK).  Additionally, I feel all of my capacities in being a powerful intuitive, healer, channel, and spiritual teacher has evolved from what I will be teaching you.

Here are the RESULTS that you are INTENDED to receive through this program:

RESULTS DELIVERED through the following ways:


This is to thank you, again, for the illuminating, free energy scan and  the clearing session you did for me, last week.  It took me a full week to begin to feel myself again after having experienced a major, dramatic release! 

As a result of the time we shared, I now KNOW with certainty that psychic ability is very real given the accuracy with which you “read” me and I am grateful for that.  Also, the physical, visceral sensation of the energy flow in my hands during the clearing session was so powerful and unlike anything I have ever experienced before; I will remember that always.  I would love to be able to call forth that feeling at will and somehow direct it to a place of choice.  It must surely have been the receiving of the healing source energy...

And as recently as today, this morning, while applying healing processes on myself, I witnessed my life as a movie rerun in which I saw the theme of “exclusion” you accurately saw in my field, being played out over and over and over again.  (I mean countless times.)  I had not (until now) seen the consistency of that theme in all of these seemingly unrelated events.  I can now therefore focus my intention to directly reprogram that issue to something wanted.

L.M.  Ontario, Canada


CLASS ONE - Energy Management Principles and Tools



CLASS TWO - Science of Mind Principles & Beyond - Deepening Your Connection with Truth & Capacity to Manifest Anything


CLASS THREE - Introduction to Basic Energy Scanning For Yourself


CLASS FOUR – Channeled Prayer Technique


CLASS FIVE - Visioning and Visualization Techniques (That REALLY WORK!!!)


CLASS SIX - How to Clear Your Most Stubborn Money Blocks  


CLASS SEVEN - Clarity of Your Life Purpose and Your Path Ahead For Success


CLASS EIGHT - How to Step Forward Into Your Truly Abundant Life

If you are tired of feeling stuck or stagnant or simply desire greater success in your life and business, then you definitely need to register for this powerful program to CLEAR YOUR OWN ENERGY and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!!!!

ONLY $497

Now Only $197 ~ Limited Time Offer

(YES – MP3 Recordings will be provided
for all the prayers and classes!!!)


Invincibility Guarantee & No Refund Policy

We have discovered the most powerful way for you to succeed through all that we share through The Academy for Invincible Healers products, programs, and services. In order for you to stay 100% committed to utilize all that is shared on your behalf, there are no refunds for any products, programs, or services you buy through the Academy for Invincible Healers. With this in mind, we strongly recommend you attend any events LIVE. If you do not choose to attend LIVE or are unable to do so for any reason, you will receive recordings of the entire weekend of content that is presented online. After you secure your commitment, you are fully committed and we honor your 100% commitment absolutely. There are NO REFUNDS available and NO TRANSFERS to future events, products, programs, or services. We are 100 % committed to your own deep commitment to gain everything you are meant to receive through this entire opportunity and guarantee to take an invincible stand for your success as a healer!!

The TRUTH is that the only way that you become defeated is when you stop and allow the machinations of the mind to take over your life. When you invest fully from the beginning and stay committed, there is no way possible for anything but full benefit of your deepest commitment to become inevitable. We believe in your Infinite Power and Potential to make a deep difference in the world as an INVINCIBLE HEALER!!


I must HIGHLY recommend Dan for his clearing sessions because I have experienced such amazing results in such a short time.  I am so grateful that our paths crossed, just when I needed help the most.  I had a very dramatic first session (lots of crying!), but didn't see anything specific for a few weeks. 

Then, I noticed situations coming up that showed me how I had all of a sudden become empowered in areas where I was previously powerless.  I began creating boundaries, which I had never done.  I had an underlying peace.  The only thing that didn't change was my money flow.  Although my second session seemed less intense emotionally, afterward, I was physically ill for weeks.  I had aches and pains, headaches, etc.  Dan reassured me that I was clearing and that was part of the process.  Then miraculously within a few weeks after the clearing, I went from zero income/cash flow/opportunity to making at first a few hundred dollars, and then a few thousand.  I hadn't worked all year!  

Unexplainable situations keep arising (I'm a vocalist/band leader and another musician friend of mine ended up crushing his foot and having surgery which allowed me to lead several of his gigs; my neighbor all of a sudden needed someone to help out in the office and one week led to 2 months, etc).  Even my ex husband, who has been difficult in the $$ department, has been helping out financially and sending extra money. 

The school district I sub for has barely called me over the last 5 years.  All of a sudden, my phone is ringing off the hook AND one specific school has decided to use me as a more permanent sub.  This is so much fun that I can't wait to see where my next paycheck is coming from!  My highest hope is that one day I will be able to create income by doing what I'm passionate about.  I know this is coming because of the wonderful energy movement I am experiencing now. 

I am planning on working with Dan some more because I've personally experienced his GIFTS and I can't wait to see where I can go from here!  If you want to get clear and head in the direction you've dreamed of, Dan will get you there.  Thank you Dan, from the bottom of my heart for doing such tremendous work. 

Thank you for support and your kindness, and for using your gifts to help others live the life they came here to live.  I spent all of my $$ and time over the past 8 years, trying to find my way, without much success.  I was at the breaking point until the Universe hand-delivered YOU.  I am forever grateful!

-  Lisa Winston
NuVision Band - Leader, Lead vocalist, emcee,


Love & Blessings,
Dan Hanneman “The BlockBuster”