5 Ways to Gain New Clients and Guarantee More Results

So, I know that so many of you wanting to know what, “do I need to do to get focused up and allow myself to succeed doing healing work?” And there’s a number of keys one of them of course is always foundationally just to trust you have value to bring forth and to know that you really can make a difference in people’s lives and allow yourself to trust that completely.

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So, that’s a foundational thing and the only way you will gain new confidence, and the abilities you have as a healer is to, actually get out in front of people and start working with them with whatever tools you already have. If you don’t have any tools and that’s where you need to go ahead and get a little bit of training perhaps.

So right now, what I want to do is help you to, if you have that foundation, is to help you to move forward strategically from that place. I’m going to share some additional keys, the keys I talked about last, was making sure you’re taking enough action I talked about getting things scheduled things scheduled as so important make sure that you really are getting a regular schedule that you schedule out at least a couple of weeks ahead of time, all the time we’re going to put in for marketing, working with clients, so that should pretty much be what you’re doing.

Marketing and selling and your actually taking time to be with clients. Everything else all the other frills and all the other stuff should either be eliminated or be completely minimal when you’re actually trying to get off the ground, or grow your business, either one earlier stages of development a really important to have that sort of focus.

Have a Compelling and free offer – So, the first thing than that I want to share as a new one today is make sure that you have a compelling free and paid offer. So, you don’t want to have something no one wants to take advantage of it on your free or your paid offer.

We want to do is you want to have a compelling free offer for people to meet with you and some sort of a way, typically the best way is going to be one-to-one, the want if you want to work with people one-to-one, have a free consultation and we teach energy scanning give them a free energy scan and then let things unfold from there.

So, you have to have something compelling, they have to have something compelling offer them on the other side through consultations and energy scans, those sorts of things. You should be able to have a way of navigating that so that, you’ll be compelling enough where you have to share is compelling enough set of be exactly what it is that they want and honestly, if you just really listen to people and ask good questions and that sort of thing through a consultation, you can do wonders to help them understand what they want, really are looking for and help them move forward.

So, you have to have something compelling on the front end one of the things you can do to help you more compelling is to offer specific kinds of consultation. We give you a money breakthrough consultation or I would offer you a relationship Energy scan or you know or whatever a soul mate energy scan, something like that, something compelling that’s hot. So, money and relationships, health are always really hot topics, Soul mates are always really hot topics, you know hopefully, it’s in your wheel house what you really want to do.

Then whatever you’re offering up front however, position that you want to make sure your offer on the back side, is positioned in alignment with however they came in the first place. They came through free offer of a scan that’s soulmate, anyone have a soul mate sort of program. So, and then the paid offer has to be aligned with the new completely resonates for you on every level including the price point and that will create a strong signal. So, briefly I just want to share that

Reach out – is going to be reach out in every possible way and in the stages of wanting to really grow your business, it’s, I feel you can go different ways, you can just focus on one way of reaching out. For me, I found it to be more effective in the beginning to reach out in all different ways so I would be talking you know in person, online, you know doing webinars, all that sort of thing inviting people, building an email list I would go to Facebook groups, Social Media groups and post and offer people do a free scan or talk.

I would do videos, I’ve done some videos that one I didn’t use much, but these days, videos is huge. You’ll see more and more of those from me. So, I have encouraged you to do a lot of videos these days and on blogs, blogging, writing articles out there, posting them in different places. You can create a radio show like I did, there are so many different ways, there’s just so many ways today and there are so many voices out there.

A lot of the information you’re getting as a whole there’s so much noise out there you no one’s going to be able to hear you and therefore, we have but we have a solution and you know what it doesn’t matter how many voices are out there, as long as you can just keep showing up people are going to find you, people are going to notice you,

You just show up being you fully being really real with your offer with whatever you’re offering with that free offer and people who want to meet with you if their soul is feeling bad, because the people really meant to work with us will raise their hand no matter what.

Commit to consultations – The next thing is, number three commit to doing plenty of consultations or scans. So, many people say two consultations last month, I don’t know why my business isn’t growing.

It’s like you know if you’re doing a full time should be doing should be targeting to do at least around 10 consultations or scans per week or more. And if you’re going part time, you should a minimum be doing two or three of those per week just to kind of get things going.

So, make sure you’re doing plenty and schedule them in your appointment book before they even happen, so you have certain slots available. Make sure there’s at least a little bit more available than what you actually fill and then you just fill them all in because sometimes people will drop appointments.

Keep focused – Number Four: Intense and keep focused on having clients. Be really clear and keep focus on having clients and plenty of the feeling of the right clients for you. Keep focused on that and keep focused on it internally throughout your day.

Keep it just have a sense of finally having these clients. Have a specific number. If you’ll have a sense of how many at what price point in the impact, you’re going to be Purpose driven.

You’re in this because you loveto help people so you definitely always want to be focused on your big ‘WHY’.

Why do you want to help these clients? What’s your big why?

You want a big why for why you want to serve these particular clients or people in general. Hopefully it’s a specific why.

Make sure you know who you’re serving also. In the beginning, you can start getting one of your four and a big ‘WHY’ on the money. Why you want the money too?

And that will help you. So intend to keep focus on having clients and the big ‘WHY’ in it all.

Next – And then here’s the last thing I wanted to give you for today is
keep focusing on the word ‘Next.’ So, you’re going to get lots; you may not, if you’re one of the one and a hundred or whatever and people that gets constant yeses and everybody signing up for your programs great, one in a hundred, one in fifty, if they wanted whatever it is it’s not a smaller percentage most of us are going to get plenty of no’s. Lots of those along the way, its very easy.

But it’s money every all these different reasons why they can’t do it that are you there are real things that are showing up for them or just their resistance and refusal.

There keeps being next, next, next, and be committed to your success no matter what, drop it like a hot rock. The minute you know someone is not going to move forward – next, next, next.

If you don’t see people taking advantage of your free offers, you just immediately just say, “oh OK, where else am I to offer these services on next, next, next, next.”

So, whatever it is, whatever doesn’t seem to be working, just keep saying next and let the next insight of what to do happen, and I guarantee you, know these things will lead to success, you will get new results and it’s you know it will build from there when you keep doing things.

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Dan Hanneman has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, intuitive consulting, channeling, metaphysics, Religious Science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques, and personal/business development systems. Find Dan on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
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About the author: Dan Hanneman has an extensive background as a professional counselor and certified hypnotherapist with combined business and professional backgrounds in energy scanning, energy clearing, spiritual life coaching, intuitive consulting, channeling, metaphysics, Religious Science, hypnosis, psychology, motivational techniques, and personal/business development systems. Find Dan on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

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